SUPER MIX 15-5-5(MgO)(SO3)

SUPER MIX 15-5-5(MgO)(SO3)


Super mix,  are fertilizers intended for use in nursery cultivation : ornamental trees or shrubs, especially if directly growing in soil, but can be used in pot too.

These fertilizer are also suitable for use in landscaping (hedgerow plants, rose shrubs, and other ornamental bushes and trees in public or private gardens).

These products contain a portion of slow-release Nitrogen (organic  Nitrogen), make it possible to have prolonged availability of nitrogen to plants (= crops more productive and more healthy), with also a reduction of the number of applications (= saving time and reducing labour costs) and a reduction of nitrates leaching losses (= no damage of groundwater quality and = no economic loss).

Moreover, he organic fraction allows a better absorption and assimilation of the mineral plants nutrients that are present in the soil and in the fertilizer.These products ensure significant rate of growth and an excellent greening effect.

Supermix are complete and total fertilizer (all the most important nutrients are included).

Rates and directions for use:   

Plants cultivated in the ground  700-1000 Kg/hectare (= 10 000 m2). The fertilizer can be dispensed as topdressing, or slightly  mixed with soil through the tillage.

Plants cultivated in pot. Top dressing with fertilizer, intended equally distributed on the top of the pot, on the useful surface of the pot soil. 1.5-3 gr/l of growing medium, depending on the size of the container, on the plant species, on the climatic conditions.

Landscaping : 70-100 gr/m2 or /linear metre.

Period of use:

Late winter-early spring (just before starting the vegetative growth) .

Early autumn (using the lower doses.