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Order of small plants

Give us your order in time to ensure the availability of the plants you will need for your production.

Grafted, cuttings and seedlings from Europe’s largest and most reliable houses – a guarantee for their quality.

Protection & transportation

Tube-shaped tubular net in the shape of a tube with various diameters for the protection and transport of the plants in a cut flower pot as well as for the shelling of shells and fruits. Reduce space and therefore transport costs and ease for the customer who will carry it with a smaller volume.

They are available in sizes from 18cm to 50cm in diameter and in lengths from 250m to 1000m.

Depending on the dimension, it is available in the colors blue, white, orange and green.

Soil cover

The pine bark is a ground cover material, made of natural pine wood in small chunks. It is ideal for ground cover and garden decoration. It is durable, does not lose its natural color and effectively prevents the growth of weeds. Protects the soil from drought, keeping it cool and cool It is odorless and has neutral Ph allowing good soil ventilation. Available in 70-liter bags with a thickness of 3-6 cm and a pine bark.

Available in sacks of 70lt and 25/40mm.

A 70 liter bag covers a surface of 1.5-2 square meters.

Palette 39 sacks

Tools & Apps

Enable energy, time and materials using the new professional TAPENER MAX HT-B (N) binder and secure bonding tool, with its new innovation not to leave any traces of tape. It holds and holds the vine and other small plants, fruits and vegetables in one go. Ideal and easy to attach branches and plants to nurseries, greenhouses, fields and for bundles of branches and flowers of small and large diameter.

Qualitative tools for professionals.


Flowerpots, bamboo canes, burrs, shovels, trolleys, labels and labels, shading nets, fertilizers are just some of the species you find on Agritech.

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120 sizes
  • Round nursery pot
  • Heavy duty pot with handles
  • Heavy duty pot without handles
  • Square nursery pot
  • High nursery pot
150 types
  • Chinese bamboo canes
  • Thai bamboo canes
  • Flowersticks
  • Bamboo trellis
  • Bamboo canes for decoration
200 types
  • Grafts
  • Cuttings
  • Seedlings
  • Trees
  • Deciduous

Pots & flowerpots

Nurseries & decorative flowerpots, ceramic jars & bowl made of sun and water resistant materials, in various sizes & sizes.

Trimmers & Scissors

Straighteners with rotating or fixed handle, long nose scissors & telescopic.


Paper & laminated labels, wire or nose, labels with sloping pile, indelible markers & graphite pencil.


Two-wheeled, multi-purpose galvanized metal trolleys with ergonomic handles for transport, with anti-slip rubber tip and beautiful design for quick and easy movement, useful for transported flowers and plants inside the greenhouse and nursery.

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Export from the ground

We have all the necessary materials you will use for extraction from the field, without loss.Works, spikes, burlap in pieces or roll, wire roll or ready baskets, hooks, straps, net roll to wind the branches and what else you will need for transport and transplantation.



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