AGRIGOLD 15-9-15 + 3MgO + 21SO3 + 1Fe

AGRIGOLD 15-9-15 + 3MgO + 21SO3 + 1Fe


AGRIGOLD 15-9-15 + 3MgO + 21SO3 + 1Fe

Agrigold is a highly efficient NPK mineral fertilizer, with a long lasting effect of up to about 3 months.

The nutrient content of this fertilizer is 15N-9P2O5-15K2O + 3MgO + 21SO4 + 1Fe (equivalent to 15-4-12.5 + 1.8Mg + 8.4S + 1Fe).

This product is characterized by a slow release of about 3 months.

Nitrogen components are broken down slowly (through temperature, water and microorganism activity in the culture medium) before they are available for plant intake.

The use of slow-release fertilizers allows the reduction of fertilizer doses with significant economic and environmental benefits. So, you can earn productivity by reducing the fertilizer doses at the same time.

Agrigold contains only potassium sulphate and is free of chloride.

Agrigold is a fertilizer ideal for use in soil fertilization.

It may be administered before sowing or before transplanting, mixed with the soil (basic fertilization) or as surface lubrication of the soil during the growing season


Plants grown in the soil:

before sowing or before transplantation, mix with the soil: 40-100 kg / acre
Surface: 20-50 kg