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Professionals know that nurseries need a wide variety of supplies to increase and organize their production.
Flowerpots, bamboo canes, burrs, shovels, trolleys, labels and labels, shading nets, fertilizers are just some of the species you find on Agritech.
Agritech provides you with the supplies you need to keep your nursery well-equipped and running smoothly.



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Nursery flowerpots

With us you will find all pots sizes for the ideal growth of your plants.From 0.5 to 1500lt.



A wide variety of labels and signage labels in various sizes and colors to fit on the twig as a tie or nail pot and pot.



Fertilizers of incorporation & surface that guarantee the rapid & healthy growth of plants in the field & in pot or turf.


Export and transplantation

Shovels, bumps, wire, net and other materials to keep you from losing, protecting the ball and the root system.


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Young plants, ready for planting and growing in a field or pot, from Europe's largest and most trusted houses - a guarantee for their quality.

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  • Grafts
  • Seedlings
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The most popular plants

Leyland green

Cupressocyparis Leylandii. The genus is a cross between the Cupressus and Chamaecyparis, which was developed in 1888 by Captain C.J. Leyland in England. They are coniferous fast growing plants with flaky leaves and conical crown. It is one of the most widespread plants in the world, while in Greece we use it to a degree of exaggeration. Choose to plant a sunny position, on medium wet, drained, fertile soil.

Red Robin

Photinia x fraseri «Red Robin». Evergreen shrub with green leaves and white fragrant flowers in umbrella inflorescences in the spring. The young leaves are bright red, so regular pruning is required to keep the vegetation renewed.


Cupressus macrocarpa “Goldcrest” A plant with a conical crown and intense yellow foliage that emits a scent of lemon when we rub it in our hands. It is one of the most used conifers in our country. Its root system is vulnerable, and we will almost always find it distorted by the winds, which often overturn it. That is why we have to choose vaccinated plants rather than cuttings. It requires protection from very strong frosts.


Cupressus sempervirens «Totem». Plant with narrow, cylindrical, compact crown and green foliage. It is one of the most beautiful varieties of the genus that is used more and more frequently with great success. Plant it in groups of 3-5 plants in the middle of a large lawn surface or alone at the corner of a building to “break” the bold lines and delineate space.