New Green S  3 M or 6 M  are mineral fertilizers specially developed for use in fertilization of potted plants:  they are perfect for use as a topdress fertilizer in container nursery stock or in flowering pot plants, making it possible to have plants of higher quality.

These fertilizers are characterized by

  • a slow-release of Nitrogen (New Green),

So we can have well fertilized plants for a long time, without deficiency or surplus of nutrients.

New Green : the duration of release is of almost 3 or 6 months (respectively New Green 3 or 6)

The use of these slow-release fertilizers allows to reduce the doses of fertilizer, with significant economic and environmental advantages. So, you can gain in productivity while reducing the doses of fertilizer.

New Green 3M-6M  are very effective in pot plant fertilizing: these products ensure significant rate of growth and at the same time, ensure a plant with a very strong structure and an excellent greening.


Rates and directions for use  :

  • Plants cultivated in pot: nursery container stock and potted flowering plants.

Topdressing can be done in case of overhead irrigation or drip irrigation. When  using  overhead irrigation the product  should  be equally distributed  on the top of the container, on the free surface of the pot soil. When using drip irrigation, the product should be placed directly under the dripper(s).

The rate of application mainly depends on the size of the container, but also on the plant species, on the climatic conditions (more t°C = less rate), on the duration of release (more duration = more rate), on the amount of a possible previous basal fertilization.


Recommended application rates (approssimately)

Size of container Rate (grams per litre of pot soil)
3-10    litres 3-4 g/l
10-20  litres 2 g/l
20-40      itres 1.5 g/l
>40 litres 1 g/l


Period of use:

Topdressing applications are concentrated into the Spring to early Summer period.

Possible applications in Autumn, using shorter durations (3 Months).