Easypot the ideal cultivation system


– Rapid rooting

– Homogeneous growth

– minimal losses

– Eliminate various tasks such as disk stuffing, substrate preparation, labor costs

The substrate is initially preformed and then coated with a self-disintegrating net. The substrate is almost compressed but retains the possibility of high ventilation necessary for rooting.

The individual pots are loose in the tray, ensuring that the air can flow around them. This contributes significantly to the good rooting of the grafts. In addition, young plants are easier to remove from the disk without getting injured.

Easypot discs are available in many variations with different sizes and different tray sizes.


DIAMETER                     HEIGHT PCS/DISC
2,5cm                                  5,5cm 144
2,6cm                                  5,5cm 104
3,5cm                                  5,5cm 84
5cm                                     6cm 40

Every box contains 10 discs and each pallet 10 boxes.