Buddy Tape is a vaccine film designed with unique composition and properties to allow easy and quick application, reduce labor costs and high success rates.

This unique product was developed in Japan in 1985 and has been used throughout Europe and North America for the past fifteen years. In order to take full advantage of the unique features of Buddy-Tape, we recommend that it be stretched gradually as it is applied.


The film naturally biases off exposure to sunlight, eliminating labor costs since it is not necessary to remove it after use, and provides an environmentally responsible response to the problem of waste.


The Buddy Tape can be stretched for up to eight times its original length. The elastic nature of the material allows small pieces to be used for application, and ensures an extremely tight grip on the young vaccine to keep it firmly in place as necessary to allow successful growth. Elasticity also means that the tape expands as the plant grows, avoiding cutting into the plant, which is a common problem with older vaccination strips.


The Buddy movie is not an adhesive tape in its “normally stored form, but becomes a sticker when it is stretched. This allows rapid application without the need for knotting, which means it is kept in place even in wind conditions.


The tape has a wax content to keep it waterproof so that the eye or graft does not dehydrate, but the air can pass through the strip and allow the young vaccine to breathe. Its wax content also means that the use of Tape Buddy can eliminate the need for application in sheltered spaces.

Full coverage of the eye

Buddy Tape is pricked by the vaccine as it begins to grow, and the permeable nature of the material allows it to breathe and the eye can be fully covered. This provides protection from infection and insects.

25mm 60cm