Leoplus is an organic matter / fertilizer base, in granular form. The product is made of carbonated lignite (similar to Leonardite), a high quality material, characterized by a high percentage of water-soluble substances in plants.

Leoplus is suitable for pre-sowing or pre-transplanting, mixed with the soil. It is also suitable for growing the pots: the fertilizer must be mixed with the soil before the planting.

This product has enabled the vegetation to root, enhance the growth of the root system, improve nutrient absorption and thus increase productivity.

Leoplus also contains a small amount of essential nutrients (N, P, K, Mg, S, Fe). the total content (expressed as a percentage) is 2-0,7-1,7 + 1,2Mg + 3,2S + 2Fe.

This product does not cause a phytotoxic effect, does not use it in a very high dose or puts the grains in direct contact with the roots.

Dosage and terms of employment:

Plants cultivated in the soil: 100-300 Kg / ha (= 10 000 m2), pre-sowing or pre-transplanting, mixed with the soil.

Plants grown in a pot: 2-5 gr / l (= 2-5 Kg / m3) are mixed with the culture medium before the pot.