Ferticote  are a range of fertilizers N-P-K  with grains 100% coated,  covered with natural resins. This allows a slow cession and, consequently, a gradual uptake  of plants nutrients (enclosed on the inside of the grains), during 4-5 or 8-9 or 12-14  months.

When the moisture level into the substrate is sufficient, the grain starts to release nutrients. The amount of release is  closely  related to the t°C.

Ferticote has been designed  for use in potted plants (for example nursery, pot flower or ornamental foliar cultivation), mixed with the growing media before potting (basal fertilization).  

Ferticote  ensure a continuous release of nutrients to the root zone throughout the growth season.

With this group of fertilizers, the plants are supplied with the most required nutrients during the whole crop cycle.

Eventually there is possibility of :

  • combination with following topdress applications of dry granular fertilizer in container nursery stock ;
  • re-fertilization with some applications of water solubles,

(This can be required  in specific circumstances, as quick greening effect, long or protracted growing cycle, ecc.).

With high t°C should be preferred long  duration because the times of release of nutrient s get shorter.

In fact, the expected duration of  this group of fertilizer (indicated on the label) is computed at 21° C, but actually is related to the pot soil temperature !

For example :



Rates and directions for use  :

Ferticote and  have to be uniformly mixed with the growing media  just before potting, at the rate of 2-4 gr/l of substrate (= 2-4 Kg/m3), depending :

  • on the size of the container,
  • on the plant species,
  • on the climatic conditions,
  • on next expected fertigation (in this case must be chosen the lower rates).


  Light Feeding Normal Feeding Hight Feeding


Container Nursery Stock and

Pot Plants



1.5-2 g/l



2.5-3 g/l  (Kg/mc)


      3.5-4 g/lt



Period of use:

Transplanting and potting of flowering plants and ornamental nursery stock take place in spring and also Autumn months.